In The Wane

The best outcome of falling in love, for me, is that it helps me to write. Having said that, there is also this fear I have to shake : that at some point in time, that wonderful feeling will ultimately meet its end. You feel the compulsion to retain its essence so that you may relive it again some day, if you so choose.


For some long – lost reason, I named it :

In the Wane

The last rose withers away in the green

This night will glimpse a tear not seen

As spring dies with this last sunset-

Tomorrow will be the bleakest yet.

I lay my burden down on this cold ground

And wish on the stars, a rain earthbound

One to cool down the embers she left

Only one; to melt away the worries i kept

And me, myself with it, with the rain

Will find slowly, with the drops that drain

Bleed down the dirt, the weaving roots;

Become the dirt that the herbage loots

Feed the tree, the grass, and flower

And bear in silence as they devour.

Bloom a rose once too, I may, perchance-

By the river, and she might just glance

Come near, and reach- but no surprise ! She will turn, and I will too, to my demise The petals will lie withered on the sand Alive but for a touch of her hand.

( I know I have to work up on the meter and imagery and all…to name a few obvious faults )

..and I guess the flame died out after that. I have been really trying to write the rest…had many ideas to carry forward the story, but I reckon – a rain finally came. In fact, many – a hurricane, even.. I didn’t get to see much of her too.. so for now, i find solace in that old saying:

everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen, is for a reason,

and blame it all on karma and call her a bitch.

And to my friends who are still fighting in that holy war, a tiny bit of advice: This is what happens when you love someone for their skin. The skin isn’t all that mysterious -and- therefore, that less beautiful. But the mind, very much so. Beauty may age and fade away into time, but the mind stays forever young.

Choose wisely, young padawans.

Finally I fathom why she is, I am,

and why we cannot be – I’ve figured out.

I realize that she is – but – a reminder

of all that we life for, and die without.

A mirror on my mortality, a thorn

never pulled – as the pain’s too sweet.

Haunting you with a love forlorn,

Silent whispers of a sorry defeat.

Hope you like it 🙂


2 thoughts on “In The Wane

  1. wane
    – A gradual diminution in power, value, intensity etc.
    – (literary) The end of a period.

    Took time to figure that out…
    It would be naive of me to comment on this beautiful poem…
    Really nice…
    Shows you are gifted…

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