Teardrops in Monochrome

(A ballad to the Mirage upon the Moor)


Through the pouring rain and the silent glade
Did I not wade? Fetched you lilies heaven forbade
Well that summer- we threw our troubles to the wind
The air got a bit heavy- but we left all that behind

Well, we basked in the sun shine batter, we lay us bare
See, life’s all but a splendid dream, like morning mist
Hope plays the butterfly and dance away till it’s time
And we too are here for but a little while until the climb

And when it poured, we found home in the cottage there
Hidden in the woods, we got in and -ours, we did declare
We watched it rain and drip down the soaked leaves
The undergrowth seemed to sigh in countless heaves


The colours of yesterday have faded since the summer
Given way to fallen leaves and their hushed murmur
And all there is, will slowly subside as time slowly rides
Just like lowly tides, left forgotten, broken on the sides

Alone on our boat, on that lonely lake that day
Beside the moors where the lilies bloomed all May
A tiny blot on the blue, gathering the fireflies that sprang
For as I rowed slowly, you sat before me and sang

When you let your fingers down, tore the waters apart
Which in gentle tides, tried and failed to keep at heart
That nothing could catch us, and could hold us back
That even the sunlight couldn’t find our warmth any lack


I went back to the shore and set fire to the colours
Let the flames break the blue and erase the others
For they whispered me of you, and you, you sang of us
Of coloured fields and moons, and sweet frail flowers

I stripped off the drapes so I could forget with haste
Little I knew, you Were the room, it had your taste
Drowned in every last piece of wood, stone and fabric
Like a haunting, you still stay there- sweet summer magic

You are everywhere, or perhaps only in my mind, I fear!
Which keeps slipping away, out of my body, and tear
Out, out into the moors where I found you first
A time when the tears and time, all were just


Last I saw you was in that creek by the boulder yonder
The summer was high, the land lay in squalid squander
And I saw you in the river, a mystic mermaid – true!
Who had a mirror or water that saw all that my heart drew

You called me close and closer from your watery seat,
And on the sorrow shores where the tides beat defeat
Where your scent still haunts, weighing down on the air
Left them worries mine and leapt with not a single care

And dived to hold your hands once again, breathed in,
(By now, the vermillion sky was slowly wearing thin)
The clear waters and saw you smile yet once, until-
The water turned black and my heart grew all still.


This is where you must be, somewhere along this creek
I’m sorry I slept off in your hands that eve -I was too weak
My skin has yet become pale- no one heeds me anymore
And I’m doomed to wander till and after my feet are all sore

Now we are back again – these same woods astray
Only- the seasons seems to have lost their way
For we wake up every day to a stranded wintertide
Left us estranged in the shadow of a spring denied

You may ask me why I wait, and sigh so pale and blue
And I’ll answer that hope is the best of all that is true
For I still think I see her – the signs are all clearly there
I’m sure she’s just waiting behind that boulder there


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